• material: kate spade new york watches are made of 100% solid stainless steel. stainless steel is hypoallergenic and a most durable material.
  • battery life: the battery in your kate spade new york watch should last approximately 2 years. when the battery expires, replace it as soon as possible to prevent any malfunction.
  • how to change the battery: it is highly recommended to visit an authorized service center to service your watch battery change. only these centers have the proper pressuring machine(s) to seal your watch caseback appropriately after changing the battery. this is the best way to guarantee that both your water resistance and warranty are upheld.
  • frequently asked questions:
    • how can i replace the battery in my watch? in order to maintain the original pressure for water resistance, it is recommended that you do not attempt to change the watch battery yourself. doing so may reduce your water resistance and void your warranty. going to an unauthorized watch dealer may also void your warranty if changes are made. it is recommended to have your battery changed by a local authorized dealer or send your watch to parsec enterprises, authorized service center.
    • can i adjust my metal watchband? for all metal bracelets, special tools are required for proper removal of links to avoid damage to the pins that hold the links together. it is recommended that you visit your local jewelry and/or watch store to adjust your bracelet.
    • how can i open my bangle watch? to open, gently press down on the pointed tip of the spade with your finger until it unclasps. alternatively, you can unlock the bracelet by popping it apart with your nail at the bottom of the spade.