meet the women of abahizi rwanda
we're stronger together

through our on purpose label, we build
suppliers that help
transform communities
by employing and empowering its
agents of change: women.

we’ve started in masoro, rwanda, where
each piece of on purpose
is made by abahizi
rwanda, an employee-owned handbag
manufacturing facility that we helped local
artisans establish in 2014.

today, abahizi rwanda employs over 200
women full time who
receive competitive
salaries and benefits like three weeks paid
vacation, paid maternity leave, sick days,
health care and classes
in an array of life skills.

it’s smart business with a strong social mission.
with on purpose,
we’ve renounced the more
common per-product donation
in favor of integrating abahizi rwanda into
our normal
supply chain. we’ve been helping
them find their niche in the
marketplace so they can take on more clients
and grow
their business. as their business
grows, more women are
empowered and
the local community is positively impacted.
their client list is set to expand in 2019.

the 2017 social impact report

we believe that when women are financially
and personally
empowered, they’re uniquely
positioned to transform their
take an in-depth look at how we measure it,
and the
amazing things the women of masoro
are making happen.