meet the women of abahizi rwanda
we're stronger together
on purpose is our social enterprise initiative, with a mission to use our on purpose supply chain to empower women and girls to be the heroines of their own stories.

our first on purpose supplier is based in masoro, rwanda. an
independent employee-owned handbag manufacturer, abahizi
rwanda employs over 230 women from the local community, providing
them with competitive wages, health benefits and access to a life skills
education program. as a certified b corp with an independent board of
directors, abahizi rwanda is a true social enterprise.

it’s smart business with a strong social mission. with on purpose, we’ve
integrated abahizi rwanda into our normal supply chain, with a portion
of the cost of making each on purpose tote, pouch or crossbody going
directly back to supporting the factory’s women’s empowerment
programming. with our philanthropic on purpose fund, we invest in
vetted and experienced nonprofits working in our on purpose suppliers’
communities. this two-part strategy allows us to accelerate
transformation and sustainable growth in the places where our on
purpose suppliers are based, impacting the women, their families and
the communities they call home.

the 2019 social impact report
kate spade new york’s social impact
portfolio is dedicated to empowering women
and girls, with a focus on increasing their
agency, improving their mental well-being,
strengthening their communities and expanding
their access to economic opportunities. take
an in-depth look at how we measure it, and
the amazing things that are happening
across our portfolio.
we believe that all women are the heroines
of their own stories, and that empowered
women can transform the world.